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If you have been charged with a criminal offence and have to go to court; if you have to attend a formal police interview or if the police want to speak to you; if you have had an Apprehended Violence Order taken out against you or need to take an AVO out against someone else; or if you have been found guilty and you are thinking about making an appeal.

Whatever your circumstances, if you have been accused of a crime or you’re a victim of crime, you need to speak with a Criminal Law specialist as soon as possible. We can help you to understand your legal options and give you practical advice on what to do.

"A lawyer friend and associate highly recommended Kate Maher of Braye Cragg to us, and we immediately sought consultation. My son and us as parents were fearful of an unknown system and the future, but Kate quickly gave us hope that the process would be fair and looked seriously at my son's illness, environment and his resolve to seek professional help. Throughout the whole time of the court process Kate and her team showed great care to our son and us as parents, her consultative process was extremely informative and put us all at ease that we were in good hands. Kate gave our son compassionate words of wisdom that saw him set new goals in his life and has seen him now change his life in so many ways, and gave him great confidence and hope for his future. I cannot thank Kate and her team enough for her professional and caring advice and representation, and I strongly recommend her to any family who find themselves in similar circumstance."

Wayne Stewart

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