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If you have a family or possessions you need a legal will. We can help by making sure it is properly written, signed and witnessed so that your estate will be distributed as you wish. We can help to make sure your wishes are clearly expressed and advise on how to provide for your family. We can advise on tax implications. We can even store your Will in a safe place for you.

If you are left out of a will, or feel that you have been inadequately provided for, you may be able to challenge it. We can help with making a claim to an estate.

If your loved one has not made a legal will or a family member decides to dispute a will, our Wills & Disputes Team can help you. 


Client Review - Scott Mackenzie

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank Scott and his team for his assistance during this challenging time, your professionalism and genuine care are outstanding, thank you" (LS & JS)

"Hi Jamie and Cathy

Just wanted to thankyou both for the work you have done finalising our mother’s estate. The process has been very stressless, which is very much appreciated."

- Trish and Peter

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