Welcome to our new website and brand identity

| 24 March 2016 | General

Simpler design. Helpful information. Mobile ready.

The Braye Cragg team is pleased to announce our website has been redesigned for you. We think our new site looks, feels and functions better than the old site. 

Yes, we have a new look and a new brand mark—but most importantly, we think the site will be much easier for everyone to use.

Take a look. Here’s what you’ll find:

  • Great user experience on all devices – laptop, tablet and mobile.
  • Automated click to connect with us directly from the site.
  • Clear and complete information on all our legal support services.
  • Original blog articles on legal and other news, starting right here with this story.

This site has been designed with you, the client, in mind. We’d love to hear about your experience using it. You can drop us a line or call directly on (02) 4926 6000 if you want to make a comment.

Many thanks to the design team at Made By Ronnoco for working with us to create the new site and brand. We love it. We hope you like it too.

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